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Cafe de las Artes Teatro and Altamira School reunited for the Art4emotion project.

Cafe de las Artes Teatro and Altamira School gather together artists and students for the activities implicated in the european project, Art4emotion.

The first session took place on the 28th of April in Santander. Cafe de las Artes Teatro hosted a reunion in which ten professionals related with stage arts, education and emotional management had a round table to help in the design of the project’s strategy along with the rest of the members. A secondary students group joined the committee as well.

On the 5th of May was the second reunion. In this one Cafe de las Artes Teatro led the meeting in order to fix the proposals that the members have done during their work with students and to write the official inform with all the partners.

Images from the two first sessions with experts from April and May of 2023 in Altamira School (teachers, psychologists, artists, supervisors), inside the Work Package 2.

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